Сертифициран курс “Value Measurement for Healthcare”

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hta.bg сертифициран курс

Explore the latest practical strategies and organizational models that are improving health care outcomes and reducing costs. Value Measurement for Health Care comes directly from Harvard Business School, based on the case study HBS methodology and explores the best practices for reorganizing and coordinating care, improving process efficiencies, implementing new reimbursement approaches, and integrating care delivery across practices. You will return with the frameworks and skills to make rigorous value measurement a core part of your organization’s strategic agenda. This course will help you:

FOR REGISTRATION, please contact: SlaveykoDjambazov@hta.bg



  • Build a firm foundation for exploring and implementing strategy transformation and new measurement approaches for sustainable health care
  • Lead strategic and organizational change to generate value
  • Optimally structure your organization’s future goals
  • Leverage partnerships and implement outcome measurement strategies to improve care for complicated patient populations
  • Apply the concept of Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing (TDABC) to measure health care costs.

WHAT YOU WILL LEARN?                                                                                                                                  

Through group discussions and case studies, presentations, global and local examples, as well as small-group discussions, you will discover how leading health care organizations are using value-based approaches in a variety of medical contexts—and overcoming the inherent organizational challenges. Topics include:
  • Organizing into integrated practice units around patient medical conditions or distinct patient populations for primary and preventive care
  • Measuring health outcomes and costs for every patient
  • Moving to bundled payments that cover the full care cycle — a better way to pay for health care, one that rewards providers for delivering superior value to patients instead of volume: that is, for achieving better health outcomes at lower cost
  • Integrating care delivery across facilities in health systems, including service line rationalization, performing services in the right location, and integrating patient care across locations
  • Build enabling IT platforms for data analytics
  • Manage reimbursement and payment challenges.


Dr. Slaveyko Djambazov, PhD

Dr. Djambazov is certified for VMHC from Harvard Business School and a registered educator. He is also a chief assistant at the Faculty of Pharmacy, he holds a PhD in HTA, MBA from AUBG, master of medicine and public health.

Adriana Dacheva

Adi is a PhD candidate in VMHC regarding the TDABC methodology. She has a postgraduate qualification in health management, specializes in Glasgow, Barcelona, Copenhagen and is actively involved in MEAs, innovative payment models, VMHC.

Yoanna Vutova, MPharm

Master of Pharmacy, works in the field of scientific analysis, health policies, coordination of international health investment projects. She is actively involved in VMHC projects in Bulgaria and Romania.

Value Measurement for Healthcare

Executive Certificate Course

When: January 2022

Where: Sofia, Bulgaria

Potential Venues: Hyatt Regency Sofia, Grand Hotel Millennium Sofia

Price per person, w/o VAT:

€ 1,100

*All materials, HBS case studies, additional reading, meals and coffee breaks included in the price

*Price per >2 people from a company—discount upon negotiation

*Special prices for students on request

Engine by:

HTA Ltd.

Sofia, Bulgaria

109 Bulgaria blvd. Vertigo Business Tower, 12th FLOOR

FOR REGISTRATION, please contact:






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